beet it!

Sorry for the pun, but I’m about to beet it. (Shudder, that was awful, I know. What is it about puns that make people cringe, anyway?)

Anyway, I’m journeying to some family reunion action (Emmett’s, then mine) for the next little while. It’s been unbelievably stressful to even consider leaving the vegetables right now — everything’s fruiting at the moment — but hopefully we’ll leave that stress behind as we set off eastward today. (Emmett’s whole family is rarely in the same place, since many of them live in Canada, and I have a little cousin who I haven’t yet met. So there should be some good times ahead.)

We’re leaving the farm in the capable hands of a caretaker, who will be helped out by a couple of awesome farming women who’re going to make sure the cukes don’t get out of control. (Why do I have the urge to write ‘farming women’ instead of just farmers? I think it comes from being on a field all day where I’m the only woman; all of the people who work on the vineyard are men, and obviously Emmett’s a man, too. Somehow it makes me want to draw attention to the specialness of female farmers in what’s historically a pretty male-dominated field. Ugh, another pun.  But seriously, if you use the gender-neutral word ‘farmer,’ how many people actually think of a woman first?  I’d hazard a guess that most people picture a dude in overalls with a pitchfork and a big ole hat, possibly with a straw of hay or grass between his teeth.)

Excitingly, for one weekend Emmett’s parents will be going to the farmer’s market in our stead. (It was part of their ploy to get us to go to the family reunion. Friends have promised to snap surreptitious photos of this historic event.)

Posts will still appear on this blog for the next week, so keep checking! They won’t exactly be timely updates, but some good info (hopefully) on some of the more interesting varieties of produce we’re growing as well as some tips on what not to do. Also, stay tuned an update on the squash disaster (dun dun duuuuun).

After these messages, we’ll be right back.

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