vive la green grocer


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Foggy River:

Here at Foggy River, we’re hittin’ it big. Our farm enterprise has moved beyond selling at mere farmer’s markets, forging ahead into the great big economic mainstream produce wild blue yonder…

We’re selling to grocery stores, baby.

OK, reality check: Better make that one grocery store. And we’re not exactly talking Safeway here. No, we’re officially selling to a delicious little deli-cum-local-food-seller called Green Grocer that recently moved in to Windsor. It sources 95% of what it sells within 150 miles of the store, and has gotten good press for the tasty delights that the two chef-owners cook up. We stopped by the store on Sunday, and one of the owners bought a few bunches of chard and kale on the spot. Emmett dropped off a load of Armenian cucumbers and beans at the store this morning.

It’s an awesome place in more ways than one. First of all, you can get a tasty, locally-sourced meal for under $10. (There aren’t too many places in Sonoma County where you can say that.) Secondly, it’s becoming a great community gathering space: a veritable revolving door of farmers and customers. Local farmers bring by a couple bushels of produce, saying hi to customers who can revel in the fact that the produce is really, truly, local and fresh. It’s another place to interact with your farmer on non-market days.

And of course, now that Green Grocer carries Foggy River produce, they’re clearly destined for greatness. I predict that within the year, the owners will sell rights to Green Grocer, Inc. for millions of dollars, and the store will become a national-scale household-name franchise, processing millions of tons of produce per year… oh, wait, that’s not the point. At all.

All joking aside, I hope that Green Grocer does well. The store is clearly a labor of love, decidedly dedicated to showcasing local farmers — and giving them a good price for their produce. I’m guessing they don’t make too much money off the produce part of the store, since the markup isn’t that high. (In another weird twist of vendor friendliness, Emmett actually talked Joe, the co-owner, down in price for our kale. Honestly, we’re grateful to have an outlet for our extra produce, and while they want to make it worth our while, we want to make it worth their while, too.)

The folks who own Green Grocer can also be found preparing the food, pickling Foggy River Armenian Cucumbers, baking, and manning the cash register. This labor of local food love clearly has a good heart — all the more reason to drop by the Windsor Town Green and go buy a tasty panini, maybe with a naturally fermented pickle on the side. While you’re at it, pick up some Foggy River purple beans or Lacinato kale.

Over ‘n out.


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  1. Ryan S

    That’s great news you guys! We have been to the Green Grocer a number of times and have really been trying to support them. It’s a great concept for sure. BTW, I roasted the beets we got from you guys last weekend and they turned out awesome. 🙂

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