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off the vine, onto the plate

Emmett here, with a photo of last night’s meal (my first helping of it, that is.)

Nearly everything came from our fields: basil and garlic for pesto; tomatoes for sauce; kuri squash and cherry tomatoes for a sweet & nutty squash dish; armenian cukes and mint for cucumber salad; and tomatoes, basil and garlic for bruschetta.

Most of what we didn’t grow, we traded for at the market: peppers, onion, and bread.

What’s left came from the store: pasta, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.


Lynda’s Two Cents:

At first, I was extremely skeptical about Emmett’s kuri squash & cherry tomato dish.  (It’s that weird-looking, semi-stew semi-stir-fry thing you can see in the middle of the plate).  He always has these strange cooking ideas — like combining winter squash with tomatoes (a clash of the seasons!), or making pesto out of our brassica mix.  (I’ll post that recipe sometime — it turned out quite well.)

Weirdly enough, his kuri-squash-cum-tomato dish was delicious — and somehow it tasted seasoned, possessing a mild curry flavor, with only salt and pepper added.  Simple directions:  sautee garlic and onions until tender.  Then add one underripe kuri squash (pre-baked in the oven, scooped out with a spoon) and a bunch of cherry tomatoes.  Even if you don’t have access to underripe kuri squash, I’d recommend throwing some farmer’s-market-fresh cherry tomatoes into your next stir fry.  I know, it’s practically heretical to cook tomatoes at this time of year — and it wouldn’t really go with an Asian-themed stir fry — but the sweet juicy tang of vine-ripened tomatoes will add zest to any curry (or mock-curry) dish.

One more lesson learned from this meal:  next time you’re making bruschetta, use as many colors of tomatoes as possible.  It makes for an absolutely gorgeous presentation — yellow, orange and red flecked with bright green basil — plus, the yellow and orange tomatoes contain less acid, making your bruschetta that much sweeter.

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