holy quinoa, batman

Quinoa is crazy.  It’s starting to turn a beautiful golden pink, demonstrating that the grain is ripening and leaning towards harvest.  (It quite literally leans; we’ve wrapped it up in pink tape not to package it prettily but so that the stalks support one another.)

The picture below is one plant — a plant which, a few months ago, was a tiny stunted little seedling that looked near death.

More informative posts soon — there are simply too few hours in the day!


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2 responses to “holy quinoa, batman

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  2. Peter


    I’m going to try planting temuco quino this year. I have set aside a 4ft x 12 ft raised bed which I want to dedicate to growing it. The seed packet says to thin the seedlings to 6-8″ and suggests 18-30″ between rows. Because I’m not using rows I figure I can just plant them in a grid with each seedling say 6″ from each other. Based on your experience is this a realistic planting strategy? What would you recommend for “ideal” seedling spacing after thinning? BTW… Do you know (roughly) how many ounces of seeds you collected from each mature plant on average? Thanks in advance!

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