hello from the long lost farmers

We’ve been hard at work in the fields and working on various projects– and hence neglecting the blog. Check out our Winter Produce Pick-up program on the farm page— you can order produce on any given week and come by the farm to pick it up.

Here’s a little news recap from the past month or so:


The Chooks

  • we finished our second (bigger) chicken coop, where 35 feathered ladies now reside.
  • we bought some guinea fowl, which will serve as guards for the chickens. They’re aggressive creatures that scream their heads off if an intruder approaches.
  • we’re hoping for some new year’s egs


The Fields

  • we ripped out most of our summer rows (corn, beans, cucumbers, etc)
  • winter rows are young and growing (beets, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choi, spinach, etc)
  • garlic and onions are in the ground by the thousands. We decided to plant onion from seeds, which is a new experience for us. The seedlings are now a couple inches tall and desperately trying to stand out from the millions of grasses that have sprouted with the recent rains.


The Markets

  • we attended our last Healdsburg and Windsor markets this past weekend. It was bittersweet– great to have real weekends at last, but we’ll also miss the market community until next spring. It’s still hard to believe that we survived a whole season at market!
  • we’re still selling a bit to Windsor’s Green Grocer. Please support them if you can, as I think they’re having a hard time getting through their first year during these rough economic times.
  • Exciting news: we are starting our Winter Produce Pick-up program this coming week. Send us a message if you would like to receive weekly availability emails so that you can pick up produce at the farm.

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