big brimming boxes

produce-boxesOur first winter produce pick-up day has come and gone without a hitch. We harvested at about 10 am (in contrast to 6 am market mornings), packed up the boxes midday, and distributed them 3-6pm. It was a great feeling to be harvesting produce specifically for individual people. We knew we needed about 42 napoli carrots, 21 yellowstone carrots, 12 chioggia beets, 9 forono beets, 70 chard stalks, etc. We took this list out to the field, harvested exactly what we needed, and at the end of the day we had no waste! What a contrast from the perpetual guessing game of the farmers market.

Here are a few pics of the produce that went into the boxes.

Napoli carrot bunches.


Napoli and yellowstone carrots–fat, skinny, long, stumpy.


Chioggia and forono beets. Can you tell which is which?


French breakfast radishes–so long and slender!


Our basement box station, where customers can collect their boxes.




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2 responses to “big brimming boxes

  1. Hoss

    The radishes look especially yummy.

  2. Erica

    Good job you guys! I was wondering and thinking of you.

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