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Our new CSA!

We’ve added a new page to the blog. It’s listed under “CSA” and explains everything you need to know about our CSA. For those who aren’t familiar with the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, members sign up and buy a “share” of the farm at the beginning of the growing season and then receive a box of delicious local produce every week. We’ll also be incorporating opportunities to experience the farm, build a strong community with fellow members and farmers, and learn some farming skills for those who are interested.

Today we visited our neighbor (just over the hill by foot), Golden Nectar Farm, who we’ll be partnering with to provide fruit to those members who opt in. They’ve got an amazing array of fruit varieties and we feel so lucky to be able to work with them. They have plum and apple trees already blossoming because of the warm winter we’re having! (This might prove problematic if the buds freeze later and the fruit doesn’t set on those early trees…but they’ve got such a diversity of trees that they’ll be able to bounce back.)

The plastic hoop house is up (15 x 25 ft, photos forthcoming), the cover crop on the new field is disced in, the garlic and onions are bulbing and need weeding(!), and we’re sowing new seeds as fast as we can! Spring is always an exciting time on the farm.

Sign up for the CSA!

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