rain & pigs

Well, we’re finally getting the rain we’ve been needing. But of course it comes just when I want to work the soil and start sowing seed and setting out transplants! It’s hard to do anything in the field when the clay just stick to everything and gobs up all over the tools. In the meantime, the plastic house is full of seedlings — and struggling to stay upright in the windy afternoons. I am almost done putting up the fence that will protect our crops from roaming wild pigs. These beasts come in at night and absolutely thrash the field, digging in zig-zag patterns for grubs and who-knows-what-else. If only we could harness their power to do a more systematic rototilling of the rows then we’d be in business. The pork-o-tiller!


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2 responses to “rain & pigs

  1. Max

    You need one of those Polyface Farm “pigerators,” that’s what you need. Great blog, thanks for all the news.

  2. Had to laugh at pork-o-tiller. Too funny!

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