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that arugula is too darn fast!

Today we harvested our second round of spring arugula to sell to the Windsor Green Grocer, and had to pull up the plants to make way for a new direct sowing. We had transplanted the original arugula seedlings maybe 1 month ago, hoping to get a good jump on the CSA season with some tasty arugula. As it turned out, the darn stuff grew so fast that we’ve harvested some of it twice and it is bolting skyward to make flowers already! In the fall we can typically get several months of harvests from the same arugula plants, but this dry spring the plants aren’t so patient. That’s the nature of farming, I guess. You just can never predict how things will turn out– get an early start and end up being too early.

But with any luck, the seeds I sowed today will be ready for harvest by week 1. Here’s to hoping.

And, in the meantime, pay a visit to the Green Grocer for some knock-your-socks-off arugula. Mmmm…so delicious! (I munched some for breakfast while I was pulling out the plants.)



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CSA deadline extended.

Hi all — we’re extending the CSA early sign-up deadline to May 2nd (the day of the Open House)…so don’t fret it you haven’t sent that check in yet. There’s still a little time. If you already know you’ll be signing up, please still get in touch with us as soon as you can–because it will help us with our planning.

And don’t forget the CSA open house Saturday, May 2nd. We look forward to meeting a lot of you at the farm!


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Save the date — CSA Open House


Come visit the farm! We will soon be opening our farm gates to everybody–our new CSA members, as well as anybody who is interested in learning more.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 2nd (tentatively set for 3-6 pm). We’ll have some farm-fresh snacks, do a little baking in our wood-fired oven, give informal tours of the farm, and introduce you to our beautiful hens. It’s an opportunity for new members to start to get to know their farm, and a time when interested folks can come to meet us and learn more.

Foggy River Farm CSA Open House (a.k.a. “Open Farm”)

Saturday, May 2nd — 3-6 pm

Hope to see you there!

Address:  Eastside Road, Healdsburg, CA 95448  (Follow the gravel road between vineyard rows all the way to the farm and picnic area.)

(RSVP: it would be helpful if you think you might come if you could email to let us know… if it’s last minute and you aren’t able to rsvp, don’t worry about it…just come on over.)

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Kea, our fearless farm helper, deep in thought.

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These are the 5 dozen eggs we found hidden in three nests in the tall grasses around our house. Naughty chickens! We’re preparing for a mega Easter egg hunt tomorrow…

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Spring showers

I’m inside during the April rain (which is much appreciated by our onion and garlic). The main field is full of tiny plants, growing bigger every day, protected by white row covers that flap when the north winds pick up. We took our first spring crop of arugula to the Windsor Green Grocer last weekend; it had become stressed in the greenouse and started to put our flower buds only weeks after we transplanted it. So we said “Off with your ‘ead!” and cut the plants all back to the ground. Fortunately, the Green Grocer is always eager to take arugula off our hands, so it went to a good home. And with any luck, we’ll have another nice crop coming back from the same plants in a few weeks. Also coming along nicely is the spinach, head lettuce, kale, chard, beets, and broccoli… carrots and salad mix just sprouting. We continue to fight the tomato seedling battle in our plastic hoop house, coaxing the tempermental little things to life.

We started some flats of herbs a few days ago. From my experience, the most impossible herb to start from seed is oregano. The seeds are so small that there is a second packet inside the normal seed packet (to keep them from falling through the seams)! Instead of covering the seeds you simply press them into the moistened soil. We’ll cross out fingers and hope for sprouts!

In other news, our seed potatoes are on their way. They’re begin shipped from the east, so couldn’t come until the danger of deep frost has passed. We’ll be planting Red Norland, All Blue, Russian Banana Fingerling, and Yukon Gold. Red, white, and blue…maybe after harvest we can arrange them for an aerial photo of the stars and stripes.

Until next time,


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