that arugula is too darn fast!

Today we harvested our second round of spring arugula to sell to the Windsor Green Grocer, and had to pull up the plants to make way for a new direct sowing. We had transplanted the original arugula seedlings maybe 1 month ago, hoping to get a good jump on the CSA season with some tasty arugula. As it turned out, the darn stuff grew so fast that we’ve harvested some of it twice and it is bolting skyward to make flowers already! In the fall we can typically get several months of harvests from the same arugula plants, but this dry spring the plants aren’t so patient. That’s the nature of farming, I guess. You just can never predict how things will turn out– get an early start and end up being too early.

But with any luck, the seeds I sowed today will be ready for harvest by week 1. Here’s to hoping.

And, in the meantime, pay a visit to the Green Grocer for some knock-your-socks-off arugula. Mmmm…so delicious! (I munched some for breakfast while I was pulling out the plants.)



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2 responses to “that arugula is too darn fast!

  1. Good to know – this was the first year I grew arugula, and as far as I knew that is just what it did – bolt quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Farmers Market in Healdsburg.

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