mid May photo journal

The CSA is well underway…heading into week 3. Below is a photo tour of some of our crops in their current state.


Broccoli is heading up as the heat arrives.csa_cabbage

Curvaceous cabbage.


Head lettuce. Get it?


Lynda and Hanna (our wwoofer from Sweden) planting “Russian Banana” fingerling potatoes.


Romanesco summer squash plants starting to size up.


We’ve got hundreds of heirloom tomato plants in the ground– tomatoes will be red, green, yellow, orange, big, small, striped, solid, round, heart-shaped, cherry….  (you get the idea — LOTS of different varieties of tomato).

csa_bokchoiBok Choi, destined for this week’s CSA boxes.


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3 responses to “mid May photo journal

  1. Ben

    Heya, we met you at the Healdsburg farmer’s market a few weeks back, can you email me about CSA? Not sure if there’s any availability now or later this season…


  2. Tim

    Emmet! I found out some info on treating corn borers with organic means…. Start with this link:


    And I’ll tell you what I know about Neem. Or you can go here: http://www.echotech.org/mambo/index.php

    And learn from experts.

    Also- you guys should put more of your recipes up here on the blog- loves the sausage and kale!

    – Tim

  3. Hanna Nordlander


    Just showed my friends your blog and the pictures of the things I planted at your farm!

    I am now waiting for you to update the blog with some more pictures so I can see the progress that has been made!

    Miss you guys, especially Jasper!
    Say hello to your parents from me Emmett.

    – Your Swedish wwoofer Hanna

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