Ask Farmer Lynda

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I’ve received enough questions from readers over the last couple years that I thought I’d make a page specifically dedicated to answering questions.

So…Here is where I field questions from you–my readers. Questions about veggie farming, goat milking, chicken wrangling, sheep herding, nothing is off limits…

  • Don’t know which end of the potato is up?
  • Wondering when you should “go in” on a difficult goat birth?
  • Do male goats really pee on themselves?
  • How do you grow quinoa?
  • Want to know what the heck goes into raising chickens?

These are all questions that I once struggled with so I am happy to share my newfound wisdom. Any question is fair game, so fire away.

(Use the comment field at the bottom of this page to post your question, and I’ll try to get an answer up within a reasonable timeframe.)

One response to “Ask Farmer Lynda

  1. Karen Schwelm

    Hello! I just happened upon your blog and certainly look forward to your book coming out in the spring. I was searching for some suggestions that I can give to my husband on how to make his hands stronger for all the farm work. He has been working on a biodynamic farm in Germany for 1 month. Some mornings he wakes up with his hands curled!!! I guess coming from working on a keyboard to shoveling, planting, mending fences, etc. the hands are suffering. Any ideas to help this?
    Thanks so much and if you don’t have time to get around to this I will certainly understand.

    All the best,

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