The Book!

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OK, I confess: I’m not just a farmer. I’m a writer, too. And I officially have a book being published this Spring that details our first year as greenhorn farmers.

The book will be published by Sasquatch Books, a Seattle-based publishing house that specializes in West Coast authors and has a focus on food and farming topics.

Take a sneak peak at the table of contents below, and come back soon to learn the title and see the cover — they will be released imminently.

Table of Contents:

The Beginning: Seed

Chapter One: Baby Greens

Chapter Two: Bunches

Chapter Three: Darling Dodos

Chapter Four: Sweet Samples

Chapter Five: Little Monsters

Chapter Six: Bags and Bags

Chapter Seven: Worm Friendly

Chapter Eight: The Long Wait

Chapter Nine: Bum Nuts

Chapter Ten: Box of Brassicas

Chapter Eleven: The Price of a Radish (and Other Roots)

Chapter Twelve: Dairy Devils

Epilogue: Fruits of Labor

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