The Farm

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Please visit for our full farm website.

Our little postage-stamp of a farm is called Foggy River Farm.

She sits on 3 acres of the floodplain of the Russian River, down the road from the towns of Windsor and Healdsburg in Northern California’s beautiful Sonoma County. The winters are rainy, the summers are hot, and 9 out of 10 mornings come with fog. Oh, and we’re surrounded by vineyards.

From May to Novermber, we’re in market season at…

We also sell to…

  • Several local caterers and restaurants
  • And you can check us out on the Fork & Shovel website, which is a new organizations with the purpose of linking Sonoma County chefs with local farmers

And we run a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program… for Healdsburg and Windsor area residents! It has been delightful to get to feed so many wonderful people on a weekly basis. Our CSA runs from May to November (see for details).


6 responses to “The Farm

  1. Mark

    Hey! I am an organic farmer from Sacramento, but am originally from Sonoma County and am here visiting for a week. Is there any way I could come check out your farm?


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  3. Ryan S

    Very cool! I would definitely love to participate when you guys get started so please shoot me an email.

  4. Jeremy


    I’m interested in the weekly pickup/order you described above and I would like to be added to your e-mail list.

    Thank you,

    Jeremy J.

  5. Courtney Everett

    I am currently living in SF working for MyFarm, a decentralzed urban farm. It is an amazing new company that will surely revolutionize the way urban dwellers get their food. We grow organic veggies in peoples backyards and distrbute a city-wide CSA. I currently manage 15 farms and run a side business doing native landscaping.
    I have farming experience, rural and urban. But I am looking to leave the city and work on a larger more established farm to gain more proper knowledge on organic farmng. Backyards just aren’t cutting it : )
    I am willng to relocate and would love to chat if you have any open positions at your farm.

    Thank you,


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